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Growing up on a farm in Tasmania taught Jane the value of hard work and the skill of resilience. Due to her mother having a strong gift in hospitality and skills in pastoral care, Jane experienced many different opportunities to see people from all walks of life in various situations. Coupled with her nursing training based in a hospital and then 30 years in Critical Care areas, it gave her a rare insight into people struggling at their most raw and vulnerable moments in life.

Jane’s breadth of training comes from her Bachelor of Theology and through various seasons of ministry in youth, mission, healing, teaching, and the prophetic.

The pursuit of Jane’s many passions, including her prophetic intercession, healing, mentoring and coaching, prayer ministry, writing, and teaching and the fulfilment of Jane’s many roles and responsibilities, comes from a deep place of love for God’s Word and an authentic relationship with God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Jane has a unique gift and skill set in drawing the gold out of Scripture while identifying and calling the gold out in others. 

Her love for the Word, together with her desire to see people mature, healed and equipped to live the life God has for them, has inspired Jane to write Ministering like Jesus: How to Grow in Healing, Deliverance and Miracles.

Seeing others flourish and become whole is Jane’s passion. Her joy is to see others healed, free and ready to run into the fullness of their identity.

With a refined gift of teaching, Jane is often invited by churches and Christian groups to teach and equip the Body of Christ in both the prophetic and healing. Jane delights in seeing others catch the fire and run with the knowledge that they too can live as Jesus did, that they too can walk daily in signs, wonders, miracles, healing and deliverance.

Living in a beachside suburb of outer Melbourne, Jane cherishes time with family and friends.  She home schools her two children, unearthing the gold within them and raising them to be world changers. Jane writes two blogs that challenge and encourage her readers to fulfil God-given abilities (www.unlockingthegold.com and www.raisingworldchangers.com.au). She serves on the Leadership Team for Stairway Healing Rooms and is a member of the Stairway Prophetic Team (Stairway Church, Melbourne). She tries to balance all these while fulfiling her ministry commitments, teaching and maintaining an infectious joy for God and life.

Best Seller

Ministering like Jesus

 A 30-Day Devotional from Mark’s Gospel to help you grow in healing, deliverance and miracles in your everyday life.


Jane encourages, supports, challenges, and propels me on to become a better person. Jane asks the 'hard questions' and doesn't let me get away with coasting through life. She has modelled and taught me so much about the supernatural becoming part of my daily life. Jane manages to combine life skills, coaching, prayer ministry and mentoring in a unique blend that I haven't experienced elsewhere.

- Amanda

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