Are you currently stuck and unsure what to do next?

Are your current dreams being achieved or are you wondering how you will ever reach them?

Are you desiring to grow your faith and prophetic ability but unsure what to do?

Are your kids driving you mad and you are unsure about this ‘parenting gig’ and need to upskill quickly?

Do you want to enjoy parenting your children and teenagers?

If you would benefit from a few sessions of coaching to help you move forward, and you are not afraid of being challenged, then reach out to Jane.

Jane loves seeing people grow and flourish. She is excited when she witnesses others take risks and move out of their comfort zone or become unstuck in moving forward. Jane has extensive experience in both coaching and mentoring. She is not afraid to ask the hard questions, all while exuding grace.


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Jane encourages, supports, challenges, and propels me on to become a better person. Jane asks the 'hard questions' and doesn't let me get away with coasting through life. She has modelled and taught me so much about the supernatural becoming part of my daily life. Jane manages to combine life skills, coaching, prayer ministry and mentoring in a unique blend that I haven't experienced elsewhere.

- Amanda