Writing Coaching

Writing Coaching


Are you longing to write a book but unsure how to start? Perhaps you may even believe you are unqualified or have nothing to offer.

Maybe you have started writing but have hit a hiatus.

You may even have finished writing but desperately need help to publish your book.

Jane can help you with all these areas. Jane managed to self-publish her book, ‘Ministering like Jesus: How to Grow in Healing, Deliverance and Miracles’ on an extremely small budget. She learnt an enormous amount in the process, plus wasted heaps of time searching information out. Jane desires to help you self-publish your book without the hassles she endured.

Whenever we commence something new, it is easier if we have an idea of where we are going and what we are aiming for. The clearer our objective and path, the easier and quicker it is to walk along that path.

Jane can help you clarify this. Since she self-published her book, numerous people have asked for her help in enabling and empowering them to see their book written and published.

Jane has first hand experience in: 

    • The preparation – how you see yourself, what success looks like to you, your values, fears, beliefs, lies or misconceptions you may be believing, imposter syndrome, what you are willing to risk, finding your unique voice, your reader avatar, what need it is fulfilling (in both your reader and you), your desires for the finished product, your vision, etc
    • The writing process, including your partnership with God, your support team, writer’s block, writing aids, etc
    • Editing
    • Self-publishing process
    • Launching
    • Marketing
    • Your responsibility to your readers
    • and more

Feel free to reach out to Jane today to see how she can assist you in realizing your dream of having a published book.


Here is Jane’s email address:

Email: info@janeberryauthor.com





Jane leads others to dream and accomplish what they would never have dreamed of before.

– Karen