Prophetic Processing

Prophetic Processing


Receiving a prophetic word is like receiving a gift. We need to accept it, unwrap it and then do something with it otherwise having a beautifully wrapped gift just sitting on the bench is a waste. The giver also wishes you to accept and unwrap the gift so that it can be useful as well as the fact that they love to see your reaction and delight. The same applies to our prophetic words that we have received. They are useless just hearing them and laying them aside. Maybe even occasionally remembering back to when you were given them doesn’t change the words.

It is no use having prophetic words spoken over our life if we are not actively pursuing the outcome.  Just because you have a prophetic word, it doesn’t mean that it will come true. A prophetic word is conditional. It is a ‘working document’. You need to become the person you need to be so that the prophetic word ‘fits’. Processing your prophetic words are a journey.

Jane has run numerous training group sessions over three to four hours to help people unpack their prophetic words. She has also met individually with people and helped them work through their identity and destiny based on their prophetic words, plus giving them skills they can implement in the future.

Imagine the bliss of seeing your prophetic words realized in your life.

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