Jane loves training small and large groups in anything supernatural. Her training is practical and able to be implemented immediately.

Topics that Jane has taught on include:

1. Training in the Prophetic

    • What is prophecy
    • How to prophesy
    • How to convey God’s heart to others
    • How to grow in your prophetic ability
    • Different methods of crafting and expressing prophetic words
    • Different methods of receiving from God.
    • The prophetic lifestyle
    • Using the Prophetic in Healing and Evangelism
    • Prophetic acts
    • Prophetic Intercession
    • Understanding and processing dreams and visions
    • Helping children hear (receive) from God

 2, Prophetic Processing

    • What to do with your prophetic words.
    • Unpacking personal prophecy

3. Healing

    • Physical Healing
    • Emotional Healing
    • Deliverance
    • Identity
    • Authority
    • How to keep your healing

4. The Supernatural lifestyle

    • Living a victorious Christian life
    • Spiritual armour
    • Taking and holding spiritual ground
    • The power of our words / speak life
    • The power of blessing
    • Our identity and authority as a child of God
    • Growing your faith
    • Growing your spirit
    • Changing atmospheres

5. Parenting

    • Parenting a prophetic child
    • Parenting a highly sensitive child (HSP)
    • Raising world changers
    • Raising grateful kids
    • Helping children hear from God
    • Motivating your children to serve
    • ‘Doing’ mission as a family
    • Enjoying the teenage years
    • Parenting boys
    • Parenting girls


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