Align (Beach theme)

Align (Beach theme)

Are you fulfilling God's call on your life? How are you being intentional this year? Come on a journey of exploring and unpacking what God has for you this coming year.

Did you achieve the goals you set for the last year? Are you wanting to be intentional about this coming year? Are you wanting to spend time with God hearing from Him about the coming year and the priorities He would love you to focus on and be aligned to?

This 34 page downloadable pdf is a fantastic guide to help you realign to your long term vision and the priorities and roles needed for this coming year. This planning guide is easy to use as you take what you like and easily disregard the questions you don't wish to answer at the moment.

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About the Book

Included in the 34 pages are:

  • Helpful Bible verses
  • Reflection on last year’s focus and word/Bible verse for the year
  • Prompts to help you as you reflect on how you will remember 2021
  • Roles and responsibilities from 2021 and for 2022
  • The rhythm and routine that works for you
  • What you need to leave behind from 2021
  • Distractions in your life and how you can reduce them going forward
  • Any areas where you still need to obey God in your life
  • Your spiritual needs
  • Where God is currently working in your life
  • Partnering with prophetic words still needing fulfilling in your life
  • Values and vision for your life
  • Scripture or word from God for this coming year
  • Your prayer for 2022
  • Priorities for 2022
  • How you want the various areas in your life to look
  • Things to be aware of
  • Concerns and Issues
  • What action you will take when things begin to overwhelm you
  • Narrowing your focus
  • What you would love your year to end up as
  • A personal declaration for 2022
  • Your immediate goals for the next two months
  • How you will celebrate achievements
  • Dreams and ‘bucket list’ items
Publisher: Jane Berry
Publication Year: 2022
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